Osmo UK plans to put a price increase into effect starting 1st February 2017. This price raise will affect the whole product range and will be 3.99%.

They have also decided to rebrand their UV-Protection Oils. Colours will now be part of a new product range Osmo UV-Protection Oil Tints with 3 additional colour tones; 424 Spruce, 426 Larch and 427 Douglas Fir. 410 Clear and 420 Clear will remain under the original UV-Protection Oil product range.

Osmo have now introduced new Tools & Accessories to broaden the choice of application to suit customer’s needs. Their current rollers and accessoeries will be renamed within a Premium range as well as a new Basic range which provides exceptional value. They are also introducing new Pad Applicators and Supperpads for those who prefer using this method of application.

Polyx-Oil Rapid had gone back to its old preferred formulation without the additional hardener. This allowed introduction of the new Polyx-Oil Express. It has a drying time of just 1-2 hours when used with 6632 Express Hardener.

New products can be pre-ordered in January with an expected delivery for mid-February 2017.