Dear Customers!
We would like to share some important information with you for easier communication and understanding.

Ordering Wood:

  • Our preferred method of communication is email, it allows us to record the information and gives us time to discuss the ability to produce your order. Due to high volume of orders we are unable to answer the phone regularly.
  • We don’t stock any cladding or decking, everything is made to order. Please order in time, ensuring you give us  a minimum of 8 weeks  for completion of your order. For larger projects please advise us of your intentions of ordering in advance, even if you don’t have the exact measurements we can begin to prepare for your order.
  • Please tell us what the wood is for so we can ensure you get the right quality of wood for your project. Larch grows on steep slopes and even though logs look straight while in our yard we expect, due to tension release, some thinner pieces to bend after sawing. This is avoidable on shorter (under 3m) or much thicker pieces (over 100mm). Thankfully larch is very flexible and it is possible to push it into place before securing with nails. If this will be a problem for your project please ask for alternative (Douglas Fir).
  • Our logs come in standard lengths of 6′(1.83m), 8′(2.44m), 10′(3.05m), 12′(3.66m), 14′(4.27m).  (i.e. we cannot produce 2.5m. We can cut 3m down to 2.5m but you would have to pay for the full length)
  • Our rough sawn standard sizes are metric equivalents of standard imperial sizes. (Table at the bottom of the page)
  • Dressing/planing will reduce product size by approx. 5mm (i.e. if you order a board 150 x 25mm PAR you will receive board that covers 145 x 19mm)
  • Tongue and groove will reduce product coverage by 15mm (i.e. if you order flooring or cladding 150 x 25mm T/G you will receive board that is 145 x 19mm and covers 135mm when installed.
  • We don’t stock round fence posts, chestnut paling or gates.


Please contact us to request a quote for delivery. Timber will need to be unloaded by hand unless you have access to a forklift. In case there is no one at the address at the time of the delivery to help unload and/or unloading area is not accessible with a vehicle and timber has to be carried by hand, we will have to charge you for the time it will take our drivers to unload by themselves. If you request delivery for your order please let us know the best delivery times so we can ensure there is no extra cost on both parts.

  • Delivery options:
    • Vehicle 1: – 2 tonnes
    • Vehicle 2: – 1 tonne
    • Trailer: – 2 tonnes

We will only deliver within 200 miles of our yard.

    • APC: recently reduced parcel size to 2.0m x 300 x 300mm


If you do not  fit within our delivery requirements but you still want your order delivered, you will have to organize delivery with a currier or haulage company yourself.
Recommended haulage companies:

  • Deliveries South West : West Coast Logistics – 07739 49 88 30 or 01259 21 46 03
  • Deliveries West and North West : Ian Roger Haulage –

Payment options:

  • We accept payment by card, cheque, BACS or cash on delivery/collection. Our payment terms are 15 days from the date of invoice.


  • Our office opening times are 08:00-12:00 Monday – Friday.  For any enquiries please be sure to visit between those hours! Stopping the production line in the afternoons only results in longer waiting times for you and our other customers.
  • You are very welcome to visit all aspects of our business. Please announce yourself so we can arrange an appropriate time to show you our yard, machines or our woodland.
  • We have a composting toilet on the premises, if you were to use it please read the instructions inside the room.
  • The yard will most likely be muddy or frozen, we would recommend wearing wellingtons, walking boots or similar  appropriate footwear.


foot our size (m)     inch sawn finish size
planed finish size
4′ 1.2     1/2” (0.5) 13  8
6′ 1.8     5/8” (0.625) 16  11
8′ 2.4     3/4” (0.75) 19  14
12′ 3.6     1” 25  19
14′ 4.2     2” 50 45
16′ 4.8     3” 75 70
        4” 100 95
        5” 125 120
        6” 150 145
        7” 175 170
        8” 200 195
        9” 225 220
        10” 250 245
        12” 300 295