Subject to availability we supply native timber for boat building and repairs. We also supply our local fishermen with hardwood boards for constructing base of their lobster creels.

  • General boat construction and repairs
    Most specialist boat timber we source is in Douglas fir, larch, oak and ash. Douglas fir is a traditional boat building timber as it comes in long lengths and sometimes can be virtually knot free. It is very strong for its weight and is therefore used for both heavy constructional purposes as well as being suitable for masts and spars. Larch is much stronger and more durable than the average softwood and is a popular timber for boat planking. Oak is a heavy and durable hardwood and its use in boat building goes back centuries. Note that oak shows dark staining when in contact with iron, and can corrode some metals. Ash is a light yet strong and resilient timber and has excellent bending properties.


  • St. Ayles Skiff
    The success of the St Ayles Skiff in recent years has surprised everyone involved. Including us who have had enquiries from rowing clubs up and down the country, from the Isle of Uist in the west to Kinlochbervie in the north and South Ayrshire in the south! We cut exclusively to the specifications of the St Ayles Skiff cutting list by Iain Oughtred that you can see at the bottom of the page. Our Kit does not include the plywood sections, you will have to purchase this from another supplier. Please visit Scottish coastal rowing Association website for more information on suitable suppliers.
    Ian’s Cutting list does include oars but unfortunately we currently don’t have any timber of suitable quality, and if ordered these may take a long time to source.
    Please contact us to confirm availability of all other items on the cutting list. You can find our prices at our Price page.
    Sy Ayles Skiff cutting list


“Thank you very much for delivering the timber last week- it all looks excellent quality and we look forward to working it into the project.” – Michael Mountney Alnmouth Community Rowing Association

“Just a late note to say we are delighted with the timber you supplied. Great quality and good service all the way. Everything arrived in top condition. We are now pressing on with our Skiff build and the boat is starting to look like a boat! We will recommend you to any other Skiff builders we meet along the way.” – Robert & Cheryl Taylor Uist Coastal Rowing Club