Abbey Timber is a small sawmill located at Abbey St Bathans near Duns in the Scottish Borders. Our aim is to meet local needs with local timber much of it sourced within two miles from our own woodland. We have drying and machining facilities and can offer a huge range of timber products suitable for all types of DIY and commercial projects.

Come to us and you can be assured of the following:

  • The highest environmental standards. More carbon is locked up inside our products than has been consumed in manufacturing them.
  • Competitive prices. No chain of middlemen between the forest and the customer.
  • Your needs come first: We are not limited to a narrow range of products and can adapt to get as close as we can to your exact requirements.

Our core team:
William Dobie (owner)
Hannah Kreiseder-Watkinson
Iva Usalj
Ben Smith
Milan Spodniak

“This is a lot more fun than to buy my wood from B&Q” – Customer